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Why does anxiety interfere with sleep and how do we manage ADHD?


Anxiety or ADHD, sometimes associated, can have serious repercussions on quality of life, even from a very young age. These conditions can affect sleep or learning and set off a chain reaction that reduces quality of life.

Woman with headache

Is anxiety due to lack of sleep, or is it the reverse?


Anxiety disorders can disrupt sleep, but a lack of sleep has also been shown to create or increase anxiety. So what are the best ways to break this vicious cycle and get back to a good night's sleep?

I sleep poorly - why?

Lack of concentration: a sign of ADHD?


Poor concentration may be a marker of possible ADHD. This is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in children and goes hand in hand with a variety of more or less pervasive symptoms. If left undiagnosed, it can lead to problems in managing daily life. 

Can ADHD be cured?
Child with trouble concentrating
Man with ADHD

ADHD: Less diagnosed in adults, but more harmful


ADHD also affects adults, and because they have learned to live with it all their lives, often without even knowing it, they may not realize the impact of this disorder on various aspects of their lives.

Do I have ADHD?

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