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Breast cancer screening and pregnancy detection, science is making progress


With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, what do you need to know about this scourge that will affect one in eight Canadian women in their lifetime? Fortunately, science has made enormous progress in its ability to detect it. In addition, there have been major innovations in pregnancy detection methods over the last few decades. But are all tests equally effective?

Blood test

Genetics being used to detect breast cancer


Advances in the science of genetics have been particularly evident in the field of oncology. DNA sequencing now makes it possible to analyze valuable information about cancer cells with a simple blood test.

Can cancer be predicted?

What is the preferred test for breast cancer screening?


While new technologies are being developed to improve breast cancer screening, more traditional tests are still very effective. Whether you’re considering a mammogram or MRI, we explain how breast cancer detection and prevention work.

Types of tests
Woman holding pregnancy test

The hormone that transformed pregnancy testing


The reliability of pregnancy screening has been improving for decades, but are all tests the same? What principle of detection do they rely on to deliver their results?

Lab test vs. home test
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