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From a simple runny nose to anaphylactic shock – the role of allergens

With spring budding and flowering, pollens are abundantly present in our atmosphere. They are responsible for allergic rhinitis and more severe asthma attacks every year. How can we tell the difference between hay fever, asthma and allergies? How can we control the impact of these allergens on our daily lives?
Woman with asthma inhaler

Is asthma reversible?


Asthma is a health condition that can quickly become a handicap in daily life, especially when not treated properly. Medical care can help control it, but can it be treated? Here are some common areas of confusion. 

Demystifying asthma

Limiting reactions to allergenic pollens in the spring


Pollens are back, and so is hay fever. This rapidly increasing condition can be very annoying at times and often seems out of control. However, there are many tips and effective treatments to prevent it.

I sneeze in the spring
sneezing woman
Allergy test on arms

Allergies, a hypersensitivity caused by antibodies


Although food allergens garner a great deal of interest, they represent only a small percentage of the causes of allergies. Other allergens can also cause reactions. How do you spot them and detect an allergy?

Identifying allergens
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