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How to avoid running injuries


With the closing of fitness centres, it’s not surprising to see a wave of new runners. 

Running is a great physical activity. However, many runners develop injuries that can be avoided by paying attention to the body's signals, using proper technique and treating an injury as soon as it occurs.

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Do you get injured while running?


Running has many benefits. However, it also has its share of potential injuries. Here’s how to avoid injuring yourself while running and what to do to help you recover quickly.

How to deal with an injury

The role of DNA in Sports


Some people are predisposed to perform well in sports. While discoveries in the field of sports genetics have been few and far between, they are nevertheless quite interesting in explaining certain athletic achievements.

Predispositions or skills?
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A serious running injury


A stress fracture is a serious running injury. It often occurs in the bones of the foot, after the body is exhausted. However, other factors can also cause such a fracture.

Identify and heal it
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Can mRNA vaccines change our DNA?


The new messenger RNA vaccines successfully fight the COVID-19 virus, but they never come into contact with our DNA molecules. Therefore, they cannot change it.

How vaccines work

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