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Healthy eating: Where to begin?

During this Nutrition Month, its important to remember that a balanced and nutritious diet is one of the best ways to stay healthy. However, making good choices is not as simple as it seems. The foods to focus on vary from person to person, depending not only on age and situation, but also on genetics. 
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Reaction to caffeine: A question of DNA


Your morning coffee could be an ally or an enemy to your heart. Whether this psychostimulant has a positive or negative impact on your health is determined by your type of metabolism, which is closely linked to your DNA. 

What’s the role of DNA?

Are meat alternatives a healthy choice?


Today’s plant-based meat alternatives differ radically from their predecessors based on legumes and plant ingredients. The problem is that some of their ingredients pose health risks. 

What’s in them?
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The challenges of healthy eating


Every meal involves choosing certain foods. But do your decisions really help improve your health and quality of life? Discover how to make good choices based on your nutritional needs and genetics. 

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