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STBBIs are on the rise in Quebec

With growing children and new romantic relationships comes an inevitable reality: As individuals go through different stages of their lives, they may need to update their knowledge of STBBIs and how to screen for them. Similarly, even individuals who have been in a long-term relationship would benefit from learning about the risks of contracting an STBBI, since monogamy is not an absolute guarantee of safety in this area.
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My child is old enough to be sexually active


Talking to your children about sex is never easy. However, it’s worth doing to ensure that young people have the knowledge they need to make informed choices and protect themselves effectively. We answer your most frequently asked questions.

How do I talk to my teen?

When should I get tested for an STBBI?


There are many ways to contract an STBBI and just as many potentially risky situations, which have led Quebec’s health ministry to recommend that people get tested. We present some key facts.

What’s risky?
man getting a blood test
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Does my relationship protect me from STBBIs?


While monogamy significantly reduces the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted or blood-borne infection, it can never provide 100% protection. There are a few situations that require special attention.

I’m in a steady relationship

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