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Aging and male performance


As men age, a gradual decrease in their testosterone levels can affect a variety of factors including their job, athletic and sexual performance, physcial and psychological health, and quality of life. When reaching their forites, many men begin to question their changing leadership style, their method of birth control and which preventive screenings they should undergo. Our experts shed light on these issues.

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The impact of testosterone on leadership


Leadership is not simply a matter of personality and skills. In fact, testosterone levels have a significant influence on leadership abilities, and a drop in these levels around the age of forty can have numerous effects on physical and psychological health.

Leading after 40

Men could soon have their own birth control pill


According to one study, a majority of men would be willing to use new methods of birth control. Research is progressing in the field and pill for men could be available in the future.

Would you take it?
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Understanding prostate cancer


The prostate is one of the organs most likely to be affected by cancer. Many factors can cause it and some populations are more at risk than others. Therefore, it's important to be well informed about the issue to prevent health concerns down the road.

Anticipate the risks

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