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Watch out for abdominal pain during heat waves

With its heat waves and barbecues, summer brings its share of things to watch out for, such as abdominal pain and tapeworms. We also look at the thyroid’s role in weight management.
man with heat and stomach ache

Heat can affect digestion


One study suggests that hospitalizations for abdominal pain increase during hot weather. The body’s response to heat stress and the growth of bacteria during heat waves are thought to be the cause.

How do I protect myself?

When tapeworms show up at the barbecue


Tapeworms can result from eating raw or undercooked meat or fish. Fortunately, cases are rare in Canada. However, it is important to take precautions to avoid being infected.

How do I avoid it?
family barbecuing
woman self palpation throat

The thyroid and weight loss


Summer weather comes with its own share of advice on how to slim down. Since the thyroid plays a key role in controlling metabolism, normal function of this gland is essential for any weight loss effort to be successful.

How does it work?
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