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Taking care of ourselves while on vacation


Summer is well underway and it’s time to enjoy it. This season of swimming pools and barbecues can lead to overindulgence. Our experts inform you of the risks associated with UV rays and sunscreens. They also explain intermittent fasting, a method used by some people to maintain their weight.   

Creme solaire sunscreen

Do you know all the ingredients in your sunscreen?


With the sun in full force, sunscreens are an essential tool for protecting ourselves. However, while we are aware of the damage UV rays can do to our skin, we are not always aware of the effects that overusing these creams can have on our health. 

What's in my sunscreen?

Fasting: the best solution to lose weight this summer?


It’s tempting to eat less during the week to better enjoy barbecues on the weekend. However, while results may be impressive, you shouldn’t fast without preparation and a method. What should you know about this practice before deciding whether to adopt it? 

Is fasting right for me?
Fasting jeune
Melanome melanoma

Melanoma: the world’s most diagnosed cancer


Too much exposure to the sun increases the risk of developing skin cancer. As a result, the sudden appearance of a mole with a particular shape should be monitored, along with other warning signs, so that it can be treated early. 

How to prevent melanoma

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