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What our genes say about us

Did you know that you have many things in common with your neighbours? One of these is your genetic code, which is almost identical to theirs. Among these genes, which remain virtually unchanged throughout your life, only a few determine your physical characteristics, from your eye colour to your predisposition for certain diseases.
Woman sleeping with sleep apnea mask

Can sleep apnea be hereditary?


Certain genetic factors may play a role in increasing the risk of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). A person who has a close relative with OSA is more likely to have it as well.

The effect of heredity

How many genetic differences exist between us?


When you compare the genetic code of two people, it is 99.9% identical. So why are we so different? Because our DNA is made up of an astronomical number of molecules, the 0.1% of genes that are distinct is enough to explain these differences!

Six million variations
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scientist who does genetic testing

How long does a genetic test stay valid?


Changes may affect some of the cells in your body, but on the whole your DNA does not change during your lifetime. This means that the results of a genetic test done at age seven will be the same if you do it again at age 90!

One result for life
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