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What should you consider when travelling these days?

Travelling always requires taking certain precautions, but preparing ahead of time is even more critical with a virus found worldwide. What should be on your list? 
At the same time, new treatments are being used in the fight against COVID-19. Could we ever imagine integrating them into our daily lives or in travel situations? 
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How to make the right travel plans during COVID-19


Winter is just around the corner, and inter-regional and international travel increases during this time. However, the virus and its variants are still present and require several precautions. How do you ensure you meet the ever-changing requirements?

Knowing the requirements

COVID-19: encouraging new treatment developments


While vaccination remains the best weapon against the virus, the growing number of effective treatments offers hope to healthcare workers and strengthens their arsenal in this virological war.

Can we treat COVID-19?
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Travel in good health, but also safely


Not all regions of the world can guarantee the same level of safety or even hygiene to their visitors. Therefore, travelling to certain hot or developing countries requires thorough planning to avoid unpleasant surprises.

I'm heading down south
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