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Enjoy sports this summer without discomfort

Kayaking, tennis, running – all these activities require considerable effort from our joints and can weaken them over time. While the benefits of sports are well known, intensive practice can cause varying degrees of trauma. Here is an overview of the most common sports injuries.
man and woman stretching leg

What are some common running injuries?


Running is one of the most strenuous activities for joints and bones. However, it is possible to prevent or heal certain injuries to runners with simple techniques.

Anticipating injuries

When repeated effort leads to a fracture


Fatigue fractures do not only affect pros. They can happen to anyone who practices their favourite sport too intensely. It is considered a serious injury and requires time to heal properly.

I run a lot
jogging man
woman with knee pain

Bursitis – a condition with multiple causes


Fluid-filled pads are distributed throughout the body to protect our joints. Repeated impacts or movements of the muscles used to extend or flex can cause inflammation called bursitis.

Do I have bursitis?

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